• [Sample] The Plant Pals Primer
  • [Sample] The Plant Pals Primer
  • [Sample] The Plant Pals Primer

[Sample] The Plant Pals Primer

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A fun, fact-filled, and forgiving houseplant care book that helps you learn and grow at your own pace!

  • Plastic-free Packaging
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  • Made in Canada
  • 82 pages of adorably-illustrated houseplant education
  • Beautiful, full-color printing and pages
  • Written and reviewed by horticultural and botanical experts
  • Suitable for ages 13+
  • MSRP: $29.95USD, $33.95 CAD

Growing happy houseplants can be intimidating when you don’t understand what they need to thrive. That’s where The Plant Pals Primer comes in! In this colorful activity-book style guide, you’ll get the exact roadmap you need to set any houseplant up for success in seven(ish) days and for years to come! Goodbye, guesswork! Hello, clear and helpful guidance.

Written, researched, and illustrated by a lifelong plant person who got tired of textbooks and guides that left her overwhelmed and intimidated, The Plant Pals Primer includes hundreds of facts, illustrations, and clever plant hacks divided across two sections:

The Seeds of Houseplant Success: A seven-day roadmap to set any houseplant up for success in your home. You’ll learn the WHAT and HOW to make your Plant Pal feel right at home!

The Plantastic Six Pack: The six things every houseplant needs to thrive, all in one place. You’ll uncover WHY plants need light, water, nutrients, and other necessities to grow big and strong. 

The Plant Pals Primer is about more than just adorably-helpful education—it’s about helping you build relationships with your houseplants by learning to understand them better. That’s how your Plant becomes a Pal!