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Thank you for your interest in being a Plant Pals Affiliate! I am so honored to have you on board! 

This page will walk you through everything you need to get setup for success with our affiliate program. 

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Step 1: Grab your affiliate code and link!

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Step 2: Share the Plant Pals Primer with your Community!

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  • My friend Krista is one of the biggest Plant Moms I know. It makes total sense that she just launched Plant Pals as a way to share adorable and accessible plant education with the world! But when she was starting to learn about houseplant care, she struggled to find a good way to learn the fundamentals without getting overwhelmed! So she wrote (and illustrated) that book herself: The Plant Pals Primer is now here! Every page is overflowing with kindness and fun. Are you ready to read your new favorite thing? Get 15% off the print or digital version by using my link:

  • When I finished reading my friend Krista’s new book, The Plant Pals Primer, I felt INSPIRED. Like I had a plant coach watching over me, gently showing me how to stop overwatering my plants. It’s like an activity book written by a horticulturist, and I know I’ll keep learning from it for years to come. (Also? It’s a fantastic gift for plant newbies and plant pros!) Get 15% off with my link:

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  • [Talk about how the Plant Pals Primer is the book you wish you had when you first started taking care of your houseplants.] CTA: Get 15% off (your link) #plantpals

  • I love everything about my friend Krista’s new plant care book, The Plant Pals Primer. I’m trying to figure out the best way to gift this to everyone in my life who struggles to keep their houseplants alive! Get 15% off (your link) #plantpals

Suggested Imagery: Take a photo/video of your physical copy of the Primer with you and/or your plants.

  • Reading The Plant Pals Primer from @weareplantpals feels like spending time with the nicest Plant Teacher in the world! I feel smarter, happier, and unlikely to accidentally kill my houseplants. Get 15% off with my link: #plantpals #plantsaremypals #plantpalsprimer
  • It’s here, and it’s ADORABLE! Not only did @weareplantpals just launch, they also published the best book about plants I’ve seen in forever: The Plant Pals Primer! Come for the beautiful illustrations and helpful lessons, but stay for the vibes. Get 15% off with my link: #plantpals #plantsaremypals #plantpalsprimer

  • Finally, @weareplantpals is speaking to my inner need for organization: Their new book The Plant Pals Primer is adorably amazing and makes me feel like a plant expert. But more importantly? IT COMES WITH WORKSHEETS. I can finally keep my houseplants alive AND write myself notes for the future. I never knew how much I needed all that. Get 15% off with my link: #plantpals #plantsaremypals #plantpalsprimer

Suggested Imagery: Take a photo/video of your physical copy of the Primer with you and/or your plants.

  • My friend Krista hasn’t just launched her new business, Plant Pals, ( and filled her website and newsletter with a ton of fun (and free) info for all types of plant people.

    She’s also published THE most adorable book about plant education I’ve ever seen: The Plant Pals Primer!

    What I love most about the book are the cute-but-clever illustrations of all the different Plant Pals. (They have names!) But as you read it, you’ll also be getting:

    ✓ A 7-Day Roadmap with the exact WHAT and HOW to set you and your plants up for success.

✓ Fun-filled worksheets to track your plant’s progress over the next year

✓A beginner-friendly breakdown of the 6 things that houseplants need to survive.

✓ 82 adorably-illustrated pages that make learning super fun!

✓ 18 additional mini-lessons that cover what I wish I knew when I was starting out as a Plant Person

✓ A “Location Situation” Checklist to help you choose the best spot in your space for your Plant Pal

✓ Straightforward instructions on how to develop a Plant Care Rootine that takes as little as two-minutes a week

✓ Clear guidance on how to create a "Plant Pal Profile" for your plant so you know the exact conditions they need to live their best life.

It’s the book that's going to help my plant goals come true, and now I can’t wait to share it! Get 15% off your copy today with my link:

How to Talk About Plant Pals

Here's some additional info about the brand!

Plant Pals is here to educate and empower Plant People of all skill levels so they can turn their houseplants into Plant Pals! Let's nurture your love of nature.

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Step 3: Get Paid for Every Referral!

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When you share your unique link/code, the person who uses it will get 10% off of their order.

You will receive a 10% commission on every sale made with your code, paid out monthly.

Potential earning: For the Plant Pals Primer, you would earn:
• $1.7USD for each digital copy sold
• $2.4USD for each print copy sold
• $2.70USD for each bundle

We use a program called Tremendous to issue payments via email. You don't need to create an account to do this. Each month, you'll receive an email where you can choose how to receive your payout. You can choose cash, gift cards, or charitable donations. Learn more here.