How Houseplants Improve Your Life

Just like we have Dog People and Cat People, humans can absolutely be Plant People. I would know—I’m one of them. (I’m also a Dog Person, because humans have layers.) But when you love something so much that it becomes a part of your identity, it can be hard to take a step back and realize that not everyone feels the exact same way that you do.

I know all of the ways my Plant Pals enrich my life and bring joy to each day. But it’s easy for me to say—being really, adorably into plants is kind of my whole deal. So if I want to help people care and understand their houseplants, it would help if I explained the practical and emotional benefits they’ll be able to enjoy along the way!

But you don’t have to take my word for it: Everything here is backed by science (except for the parts that aren’t; those are backed by feelings), and I show my work.

Caring for houseplants takes some work, but it’s work worth doing. And if you do it right, it’ll feel a lot more like play.

So…how can houseplants improve your life? I’m glad you asked!


The FACTS on how Plant Pals make YOUR LIFE better:

  • They reduce stress! Who hasn’t gone for a quick nature stroll to destress and unwind? But this study from the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that even a few minutes of carrying a houseplant around helped suppress stress-inducing hormones in adolescents. Bill Nye was right; science rules.
  • They clean the air around you! This one seems obvious, right? Our partnership with plants is the ultimate win-win scenario: During photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and produce oxygen for us to enjoy (and breathe). In 1989, NASA’s Clean Air Study found that it didn’t just stop there: Houseplants were absorbing and filtering tons of toxins for us!
  • They also help you sleep! Really, I can’t say enough good things about oxygen. Huge fan. The higher levels of oxygen circulated into your home can help you sleep better and deeper, according to new research from Beihang University. And specific plant species and colors can have an even stronger effect, depending on the person.
  • They help fight noise pollution! Are you tired of your video calls being punctuated by the sounds of every single passing car, or that one dog with a lot of feelings? You don’t need to stick egg cartons to your wall; some big, leafy houseplants will do the trick, and do a lot more for your indoor aesthetic. When it comes to Plant Pals, look for figs, peace lilies, and rubber trees—all of them have proven sound dampening qualities!
  • That’s the proven, objective benefits of how adding a few Plant Pals to your home will help you breathe, sleep, and even feel better—or at least, this is how they helped me feel better, and I have every confidence that they’ll do the same for you!


    How Plant Pals can make YOU FEEL better:

  • You’ll feel more confident. Sometimes, all we need is a tiny win to get the ball rolling. There are days when I feel like I’ve dropped that same ball, over and over. And then I’ll see a new bud of growth on one of my Plant Pals, or I’ll water another one right before things get too dry for comfort. And that little win, of noticing that one of my Pals needed some TLC and being able to provide it, will help me power through the rest of my day.
  • You’ll be closer to nature. I mean this one literally. While a walk in the park is always a treat, sometimes it’s hard to fit that into your schedule. What if your day ends late in the evening? What if it's been snowing outside for like, 7 months? What if there are no green spaces nearby? Your Plant Pals become your personal walk in the park; a way to give yourself the gift of nature when you need it most.
  • You’ll learn a new skill. The hard truth of a lot of hobbies is that they’re only fun once you’ve put in the time to not suck at them anymore. But the suck zone? That’s rarely fun. And that gap between Suck and Success can lose a lot of people—especially when it comes to houseplant care! But unlike learning an instrument or playing a sport, there are so many levels for success when it comes to your Plant Pals, and you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of finally getting it way more quickly than you’d think. (Also…I can help with that.)
  • You’ll be happier. I mean, how could you not? Between better sleep, less stress, more oxygen, more confidence, and your own growing relationship to nature, how could you not crack a smile? And that’s the best part: By caring for your Plant Pals, you really care for yourself, as well. And you deserve that.
  • If you’re feeling inspired by this beautiful mix of SCIENCE and FEELINGS and want to learn more about how to turn your Plant into your Pal, that’s awesome! And don’t worry.

    We’ve got you. Let’s grow together!

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